Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wounds of War

WaPo has ABC news anchor Bob Woodruff and his firsthand account of being a casualty of war. Woodruff delivers a scathing indictment of the military response to injured servicepersons. Read it here.

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shoephone said...

Each day, she says, she tried to "calibrate how much hope I was going to have that day."

This was the line in the article that really got to me because it communicates the reality that the wounded and their family members face. How much hope to have? Lee Woodruff's unbending support is surely one of the biggest factors in Bob's recovery. He was "lucky" (word chosen carefully) to have been rushed into surgery only 37 minutes after the explosion, and to receive as much care as he did during the long recovery process. But how many of our best and brightest, risking their lives for Bush's obsession with hegemony, are receiving that treatment? The medics are doing the best they can under the worst of circumstances, but the policy comes from the upper echelons of Bush's Royal Court.

Tonight's report is going to expose our government's abandonment of responsiblity to the soldiers they so blithely use as pawns in their game of Risk. Woodruff is going to force the uncomfortable truth into the foreground and, though it nearly kills me to say so, ABC News will be remembered for doing a real service to America by creating the time and space for it.

Thanks, Hopey, for this post.