Monday, February 05, 2007

Queen Mary Goes 'Round the World

The Queen Mary sailed through the Golden Gate today on her world-wide voyage. Read The Gate article and see the great pictures.

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Pandabonium said...

I am reminded of a few great sights and experiences. First, of the Queen Elizabeth (the first ship) approaching Long Beach harbor in California, where she is docked today. In December of 1967, my dad flew us over the ship in his single engine plane, while she was still at sea, surrounded by welcoming boats.

Then I was in a small twin engine airplane going from Maui to Oahu, Hawaii, as the QEII sailed between Oahu and Molokai islands. The pilot circled her so we could could get a good view.

And then, staying as a hotel guest aboard the QE in Long Beach. One of the things that made it interesting to me was that a friend who had been part of the D-Day invasion in WWII, crossed the Atlantic on the Queen Elizabeth.

Great ships. Wonderful memories.