Monday, February 19, 2007

As If To Prove It...UPDATED being the true incompetence of BushCo, Shakespeare's Sister has a great post up reporting on the abhorrent "support" our troops get from the criminal BushCo and it's minions. Once beyond the facts of the incredible mismanagement and neglect of our servicepersons is the stunning irony and frequency with which the bushies invoke their oaths of "troop support." It is truly sickening.

UPDATE:WaPO reports repairs to begin on Bldg. 18 at Walter Reed.
Also I'm including a poem written by a friend especially for this topic:
Walter Reed
Ave to the wounded heart
To the fragile mind
To the shattered soul

To the morning
And the evening
And the morning again

Ave to the next breath
To the next thought
To the next prayer

To the waiting
And the asking
And the waiting again

Ave to the scarring
To the screaming
To the nightmares

To the enduring
And the suffering
And the dying

Ave to the healing
That flits like a shadow
Down dingy corridors

Like a mirage
In the desert

Like the armor
That never came

Like the mercy we denied them
To be its givers or receivers

Like the justice they are owed

Even if it comes
Too slowly
For too many

And is not enough

Ave to the wounded
And to those who will not let them
Be forgotten.


op99 said...

My grandfather, WWI vet, got quality medical care through the VA, with minimal rigamarole, as I recall. My dad, WWII vet, was the first person in his family to graduate from college, thanks to the GI bill. Beginning with the Vietnam era vets, coinciding with Republican dominated presidencies, it's been downhill for veterans' benefits, with the commercial Republican media complicit in letting them spout their "support the troops" rhetoric without challenging them on their hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

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