Friday, February 23, 2007

Walter Reed Stories Factual But Unfair, Medical Chief Says

WaPo reports the surgeon general is whining how "unfair" all the coverage of Walter Reed has been.
The SG goes on to say that repairs to Building 18 are nearly complete, but the aging facility needs a top-to-bottom renovation. "That's tough to do while you're trying to take care of soldiers," he said.

Go fuck yourself Kiley, you lying, brown-nosing weasel bastard. First of all Walter Reed WILL NEVER be renovated as it's been slated for BRAC closure in 2012. Once a facility goes on that list, any improvement budget goes the way of the buffalo. If you think a coat of paint and a few new beds are anything near to adequate care you can kiss my ass twice. Secondly, the real problems at WR aren't simply "building neglect" but the
Only available picture of Surgeon General Kiley

warehousing of soldiers with traumatic brain injuries and PTSD who get totally inadequate care and are unable to advocate for themselves. I hope you end up in the military health care system after you retire and what poetic justice it would be if you wind up under the care of one of the soldiers you've fucked over. Sweet dreams shithead.

If you didn't watch this video at Think Progress, please do.


Rose said...

Terrific blog. Thank you for speaking out.

op99 said...

Beauteous rant, Hope. The Boosh administration have raised this tactic to an art form:

When confronted with the irrefutable goods about some egregious atrocity, pick the most trivial tangent of it you can find, and have your pet media lapdogs flog that little part of it, thus neutralizing the main body of the atrocity.

Stay on the bastards, Hope - let's not let them get away with it this time.

Brother Tim said...

Wooooeeeeee! Well said! Nice post!

Anonymous said...

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