Thursday, February 08, 2007

Quote of the Day

Our quote today comes from from Shoephone that irrepressible sprite over at Evergreen Politics. She has a great post up about the US Attorney firings prompted by Abu Gonzales and BushCo Inc.

Is this the new majority's idea of gate crashing?

Senator Patty Murray said she's finds it "deeply disconcerting that he could have been let go for political reasons". That's a nice sound bite, but I'd like to ask Senator Murray exactly what she and her newly Democratic majority plan to do about it. It's not just a matter of pushing good attorneys out, it's that the re-strengthened Patriot Act allows for replacements without even a cursory look by a Congress needing to conduct oversight. I have hopes that Senator Pat Leahy, the chair of the Judiciary Committee, will be looking into this, but it's time for all of our senators to start undoing some of the damage that's been done to this country - before the 2008 campaign season begins in earnest and they start skipping votes. So, as they wade through the broken glass of the last 6 years, I'd like to remind the Democrats that flying the banner of "majority" doesn't mean much until you crash the gates and really take the castle.


Pandabonium said...

"so we crashed the gate doing 98 I said let them trucker roll, 10-4"

Too many of these politicians are focused more on their personal financial security than the people's business and the Constitution.

They've made it into office with their promises, they know why they were elected, they have the majority with the leadership roles that brings. Time to make good on all the talk that got them there.

shoephone said...

Much appreciation for the linky, SwimD.

And I'm only a sprite until the day all we bloggers meet in person!