Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More AYFKM: Walter Reed

Loose Lips Sink Shits

Beyond the Bush administrations incredibly shameful behavior after the discovery of the abuses at Walter Reed that came to light in recent reports, the newest information posted in an Army Times article tells us the DOD has ordered these soldiers to stop talking to the media. If that doesn't make your blood boil maybe this will: soldiers are being punished for the speaking out that has already occurred. Seasoned, experienced, professional soldiers are being told to wake up, clean their rooms, and report for formation and inspection by 7AM. The Army Times article states it this way,"It is unusual for soldiers to have daily inspections after Basic Training."

"Unusual" doesn't begin to cover it. I'm a Veteran, married to an active duty servicemember. Formations and room inspections are part of training for new recruits as part of instilling discipline. To expect these soldiers, marines and airmen who have been in war to engage in these punitive practices is not only humiliating but possibly medically unsound. These servicemembers are amputees, some multiple; they are blind, deaf, have serious traumatic brain injury and multilple other serious health problems. Once you move past the facility neglect exposed in the WaPo write-ups, the stark reality of the more severe problems are brought to the fore: the warehousing and abandonment of severely brain-injured troops.

Where's the outrage America? Is this how we support the troops? Is there a car magnet ribbon for this one? Get back to me on that one.


op99 said...

The Repukes have great faith in the short memories of Americans, if we even notice in the first place. These visceral outrages will stick with us until election day, if the Dems are smart enough to keep the heat on.

N. said...

Hope dear, don't worry if we don't comment. Sometimes it's because there's really not much to add. Take the veteran's story for example.

I watched a little documentary about walter reed, maybe on PBS. To see young men brain damaged, refused care, refused prompt attention that could have sustained their faculties of motor and sensory system is simply dreadful at a human level of understanding.

But what I find most painful, everytime the bodies of new dead American soldiers are shipped back, is the fact that these young lads are not dying to DEFEND America; that they are dying for a false objective. You know, I don't have the same sentiment about Canadian soldiers. Simply because Canada is not a militaristic country and the canadians who go to war know that they are not going to defend Canada! They are going to keep peace. And if they get blown up in Afghanistan, it's a price they are paying for a realatively true objective.

But the propaganda in the US works very differently. And America goes to aggressive wars. I don't think ANY soldier has to go to a war of aggression. Defense is a different issue.

But human life is worth nothing. We are run by the "corporations." ...

N. said...

by the way, I visited adored by hordes and invited him/her to visit me :)
Thanks for the link.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Glad you liked Marc' place Naj, and thank you for all you contribute to the conversation. I agree with your assesment of the "militaristic" mindset of American government. The American people I think, have a more complex make-up in regards to militarism. I think it is crucial to not confuse the people with the government of any country. Governments are at their core, manipulative and the only thing that keeps them somewhat honest is the voice of the people with the help of good information. Thank you for yours.