Friday, February 23, 2007

Our Tattered Constitution

In the wake of the soldier convicted of rape and murder, and the latest information about junior slipping in his martial law hideousness in the dark-o-night, susanUnPC at Larry Johnson's No Quarter has a great post up about just how far we've sunk.
It's one thing to find one's self stuck for four more years of the next "unitary president" like George W. Bush, but it's quite another to participate in making that happen. That's not "accidental geography" or even what could reasonably be called a rational choice to spend time there. And the highest price being paid is one that slips our minds all too often: The erosion of the rights of ourselves and our fellow citizens, the evisceration of Constitutional precepts, and -- most precipitously and perniciously -- the loss of our own humanity as well as how others regard us around the world. So to my "til-hell-freezes-over" friends, I say two words: Supreme Court. Read the rest...

In Other News: Think Progress is on fire with this and this. Please watch the short videos at both links, it is well worth it.


op99 said...

In the No Quarter link, Chief Justice Roberts is every bit as scary a fuck as Rehnquist was - no, scarier because he's 30 years younger: several speeches and interviews since early last year, Chief Justice John Roberts has been pursuing a push for unanimity on the court. He wants the Justices to speak with one voice as much as possible, to decide cases 9 to 0, with no pesky dissents or concurrences.

shoephone said...

Let's send Roberts a gift box: 9 rubber stamps.