Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dougie Gets Called Out

Douglas Feith the liar from the defense department gets taken to the woodshed by no other than Chris Wallace, the Faux News shill. Raw Story has the video from today's show.


Eli said...

When you've lost Fox, you're fuxed.

op99 said...

Every once in a while, Fox will push back against the flat out lies. I don't know if some individuals still have a tiny shred of journalistic spark that hasn't been beaten out of them, or if Rupert Murdoch or Roger Ailes (the bad one) just have to draw a line in the sand at some point and say, "c'mon, guys, we'll take it up the keester, but you've at least got to use a lubricant."

naj said...

May I be cynical and err suggest, that in a country where >70% of people are turning against Bush, it is a better marketing strategy to align one's broadcasting corporation with the majority? After all, Fox needs viewership, doesn't it?

sorry but I can't credit them for ANY journalistic integrity.

Eli said...

My take is similar to naj's, actually. Except I don't think it's a question of marketing or viewership, I think it's a question of credibility.

If the media is *too* far into the tank, to the point where even non-liberals can see it, then it loses its value as a propaganda organ. People will see it as Pravda, and make allowances, and seek alternatives. That cannot be allowed to happen.

(P.S., I fixed that missing link - I hope)