Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More Walter Reed Horror

The unbelievable, shocking repugnance continues at Walter Reed. At the very least, the mainstream media is giving it some light, for which I am grateful. Read "The Hotel Aftermath" at WaPo. When you're done with that give these articles a read, Wounded and Waiting," "The Forgotten Families," "Uninvited." "Hospital Investigates Former Aid Chief" and when you're finished, get angry and write your senator or congressperson a letter. Then seek out anyone who will listen and if they are Republican, all the better, and ask them how they are 'supporting the troops.' Do it. Remember every letter received represents the same opinion being shared by 10,000 other people who feel the same way but didn't write, or so say the marketing pros. Thanks from a Vet.

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op99 said...

How can this shit be happening in America?

While Mologne House has a full bar, there is not one counselor or psychologist assigned there to assist soldiers and families in crisis -- an idea proposed by Walter Reed social workers but rejected by the military command that runs the post.


The more immediate worry concerns his disability rating. Army doctors are disputing that Dell's head injury was the cause of his mental impairment. One report says that he was slow in high school and that his cognitive problems could be linked to his native intelligence rather than to his injury.

"They said, 'Well, he was in Title I math,' like he was retarded," Annette says. "Well, y'all took him, didn't you?"


Among his many injuries was a broken foot that didn't heal properly. Army doctors decided that "late life atrophy" was responsible for the foot, not the truck wreck in Iraq.

"Support the troops" my alabaster ass.