Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Open Letter to the Senate

I have just emailed this to my Senators. Please take any part of it or write your own and send it. Send it to your Senators today.
Dear Senators Boxer and Feinstein,

My request as an American , a voter, a USAF service-connected disabled veteran, the spouse of an active duty USAF officer and constituent is that you and the other 98 senators go to the nearest VA hospital, or Walter Reed, or Bethesda and look those broken souls in the eye. Explain to them why you can't take a more principled stand on their behalf. Then tell these soldiers, marines and airman that if they wait another two years, there might be enough funding to help with their problems.
Then I want you and your duly elected colleagues to go to the nearest military base and look those kids, and the parents who must leave their kids, and tell them why you can’t do anything to prevent their deployment to Iraq. Then tell them if they are still alive in two years, you might be able to help them then.
Next, I would like you to go visit some widows, widowers and family members, part of the one percent of the American people actually sacrificing, and tell them you would have really liked to have taken a stand to prevent their loved one from dying, but you couldn’t figure out a way to do that and get re-elected. Tell them you are sorry that in two years their loved ones will still be dead, but only then you will try to keep someone else’s kid, parent, spouse, from getting killed.
Finally, I want you to face the American people with respect to the resolution against the escalation of the war, and follow Chuck Hagel's advice, “I want 100 senators to look in that camera and tell your people back home what you think. Don’t hide anymore.”

This hand wringing on the part of those of you in power is unconscionable. As you posture, people die. It’s that simple.

(my name)or yours

Please contact your senators and congressperson. Thank you.


naj said...

I wish they received letters from the citizens of the world too.

No voice is ever more sincere than that of a soldier.


op99 said...

One of my senators is Hillary Clinton. It is my fervent hope that she receives this anti-posturing message not only in letter form, but in the form of lack of support from primary voters for her gutless, opportunistic "stand" on the Iraq War since day one.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

I couldn't agree more Op. Nice to see you.

homeyra said...

I am directed here from Naj's page. Can't say much. Only, my sympathies.