Monday, February 05, 2007

Children of War: the generation traumatised by violence in Iraq

The Guardian has a story in their Tuesday early edition about the heartbreaking truth of how the children of Iraq are faring in a violence riddled society.
"That day they came home and they were changed because of the things they'd seen," said Sayeeda as she ladled rice into the boys' bowls. "The youngest two have been wetting their beds and having nightmares, while Abdul-Muhammad has started bullying and ordering everyone to play his fighting games. I know things are not normal with them. My fear is one day they will get hold of real guns. But in these times, where is the help?"


blin said...

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Pandabonium said...

My god, what a horrible photo. Namu amida butsu.

Anonymous said...

This is just sickening. Kids the world over playing killing games, kids seeing bodies lying around, maimed and dead until that becomes just part of the landscape of their lives and the caring parts of their hearts are hardened by hate and fear. What a pity. Isn't there a better way? Can't we tart to exercise it the world over? OS

Anonymous said...

Err, that was start,not tart. Can't I learn to preview when I can't edit? OS