Thursday, February 01, 2007

Get to the Point George

Oh, I see you have.

"Fastest selling pencil holder" was the caption. Interesting.

H/T to RF for the pic.


cbl said...

good morning hope - just a drive by
from cbl at fdl - some of us firedogs are concerned about Lotus - tornados in her area overnight

would appreciate any dispatches as to her safety and well being

omg - that Rangel quote will be my next cross stitch project !!!

left this earlier, but doesn't show in your comments - pls forgive me if there's a dreaded double post

Susan in Iowa said...

Hi Hope. cbl posted a link to your "best quote ever" this morning, and I found out you have a blog.

How is Mr. HSAT?

Gee, I already have a pencil sharpener...

lotus said...

Har, Hopey! Guy'll get his just deserts in the end, and may this be the merest sample!

Yo, sweet cbl! I'm fine and so's the pond, but about three miles north of here, 70-80 houses will do for kindling. It's pretty horrifying, no matter how familiar a sight (as good Texan you will know).

What we gonna do without our Molly, y'all? Did you catch the end of The News Hour last night? Her 1986 report on "Ort in Texas" is still every bit as fresh and funny as 'twas 21 years ago, and that Thought Theatre link of Hopey's made me hurt myself 707ing! Natcherly, I picture Molly and Ann tearin' up the peapatch in fines' style wherever they are this morning.

Hope you are too!

(gah, Hopey, wish this pesky thang'd start telling me the verifier it RILLY wants first time around)

cbl said...

sweetie, so glad you are ok - would you mind leaving your e mail one more time ?

cbl -
clydeentomato at


not even sure I can get through your post about losing all these fine, dedicated folks - have reached a point where I can not even snark about anything anymore and my limited brain to page skills keep me from truly expressing my outrage and grief - all I want is to bring these folks home to their families - am working everyday at lobbying Congress and my neighbors and friends - "oh look, it's that little hippie gal and her sign" - may be a little thing, but I want to be able to look them and their loved ones in the eye and say I did all within my power to stop this insanity

(((lotus))), again, relieved to hear you are safe

Anonymous said...

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