Sunday, August 26, 2007

Republican Ratfuckery

Palau over at Progressive Gold has posted a terrific piece on more GOP malfeasance:
A NY state Republican political thug ‘consultant’, Roger J. Stone Jr., is alleged to have been harassing the 83 year old father of the Democratic attorney general, Elliot Spitzer, with threatening late night phone calls - traceable directly back to aforesaid thug “consultant”.
The title of the article has also given me a terrific new tag for gooper wingnuttery:Modern Mobsterism, or Republican Ratfuckery or “Nice Family You Got there. Shame If Anything Happened to It…” Ratfuckery, indeed.

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MarcLord said...

It's getting pretty obvious everywhere you look. Let me guess--nothing really much is happening to the harasser? (Haven't read the article yet, thanks for surfacing.)