Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Well and on to more important matters

Hello!!! I cannot tell you how difficult the last month has been, and maybe I will post on it later but suffice to say it has been difficult at best. The second-to-the- worst-part was that most opiate drugs commonly used for pain I am allergic to so I am left with the monster morphine to deal with my pain which made me loopy and nauseous. As of today, I am four days off morphine, ten days ahead of schedule. I'm left with the popular but underwhelming Motrin to ease my pain with the decidely better exchange of active bowels and no vomiting, not to mention being out of the M-hole which made me feel like an alien and a bit hyper-aggressive. I'm a bit wan and stamina-less but that will soon change. Big sigh of relief and much love for all my lovely get well wishes.

What I would like to post on right now, is audio of a local NPR (KQED-FM, SF) show Forum, done in salute to the unsung heroes of the United States Coast Guard. Host Michael Krasney, interviews author David Halvarg about his book, Rescue Warriors. Great sound for a very deserving bunch of true, unsung, American Heroes. Before deciding to opt out please remember that the Coasties have saved over a million people and were first on the scene after Hurricane Katrina with 33,000 saves after Bushie and Brownie dropped the ball. Thank you USCG, Semper Paratus: Always Ready. Give it a listen.

Mwwaahhh to you all for ever vigilantly carrying the heavy mantle of support and hope to all lovers of truth and freedom everywhere by blogging and supporting your fellows.