Friday, August 10, 2007

Dropping Out-Turning Off

I have commented to anyone who would listen that there is a concerted effort among conservatives ala Ronald Reagan, to dumb down the American public. Yesterday it was reported, the US quietly pulled out of an international math and science test which compares participants in other countries and lists the result. US scores have been dropping the last several years, and last year found the only students performing more poorly, in Cypress and South Africa. Nice to know the right-wing's plans are proceeding unopposed..


Anonymous said...

They can now outsource the brainwork overseas - why train and pay Americans to to what can be done cheaper abroad? The only jobs that will be left here will be in the service sector - we don't need no stinking math and science for that.

Plus the Republicans need Christian votes, and science - "knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and tested through scientific method" - is antithetical to religion, which must be taken on faith.

Naj said...

why would any American child be motivated to study math, when she/he knows the job is going to be in India or China?

I think maybe War should be added to the curriculum replacing linear algebra. (Do high school students learn linear algebra?)

Anonymous said...

If Bush's "Iraq war czar" has his wish, then America's youth won't need an education at all.They will all be doing it for Israel on middle east battlefields.

Their educational needs will be provided by the US military who will teach them amazing stuff like how to salute officers, how to pick up cigarette butts on the parade ground, how to clean latrines, how to live in a hole in the ground etc. They will also learn, probably to their cost, that the most dangerous thing alive is an American second lieutenant with a map and compass.