Monday, August 27, 2007

It Ain't Over til the Fat Lawyer Sings

Beyond good riddance to bad garbage, my only commentary on the resignation of Abu Gonzalez is a reiteration of my, what has been called the highly improbable, poo-pooed notion, that Gonzo was gonna fold and blow the whistle on BushCo. I believe now that Gonzo has been throw to the wolves, and as pressure and more malfeasance in the Bush administration comes to light, Gonzo is gonna squeal like the stuck pig bastard he is.

My conjecture is based on what I perceive as Gonzo's internalized racism, his desperate desire to 'succeed,' and pursue the "American Dream" at any cost. His blind ambition has created a monster.

Alberto Gonzalez, the only child to go to college from a very possibly illegal immigrant Mexican family, hitched his wagon to Dubya in the early 90's. His star soared and he saw this gabacho as his way of setting himself apart from the pack.

Initially, Chimpy's c'mon-and-have-a-beer-with-me persona appealed to Fredo and his conservative Catholic values. His advances in career, all tied to monkey-boy, cemented his loyalty even as the moral ethical line moved. Alberto unconsciously tapped into his deep-seated inferiority complex and acted out all the evil impulses buried inside when egged on by the mean-spirited Bush. He was pulled deeper and deeper into the web of deceit, illicit behavior and depravity of BushWorld.

Now that he's been left outside in the cold, my guess is that he will bite the hand that fed him in an effort to redeem his own soul and possibly keep himself out of jail.

It's just a thought. I could be wrong. But what if I'm right? 'House of cards' will take on a new dimension.

Just for shits and giggles here is an eight minute montage Josh Marshall put together of the the lying liar's greatest hits, followed by a truly crestfallen Arlen Specter and the incredulity of Gonzo and Habeus Corpus.

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