Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Town Hall Meeting on Iraq

Listen. MoveOn.org has sponsored a town hall meeting of all the Democratic candidates for president speaking on the topic of the war in Iraq.


op99 said...

1. John Edwards says the right things with passion, but he showed poor (or unprincipled) judgment in his original support of the Iraq invasion.

2. Everyone burnished their “bring home the troops” credentials HARD.

3. Am I correct that only Kucinich and Obama opposed the war initially, when it counted?

4. Hil is now espousing positions virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the field - she has moved way left on the war in the last 6 months.

5. Chris Dodd was interesting to me. Two things I didn’t like:

A questioner asked, “The Bush administration is quietly pushing the Iraqi government to install a legally binding proposition that the major oil companies, for example ExxonMobil, British Petroleum and others, be granted the rights to approximately 70% of all oil and natural gas existing underground in Iraq…” Dodd answered that it was reprehensible IF TRUE. Shouldn’t he know if it’s true?

Another thing - he advocates redeploying some troops elsewhere in the “friendly” countries of the ME, plus Afghanistan, plus bring some home. Seems to me that Afghanistan is as big an unwinnable clusterfuck as Iraq - just ask the former Soviet Union. I don’t like seeing “put more resources into Afghanistan” accepted at face value, and I haven’t heard any of the candidates say anything intelligent about Afghanistan (whaich doesn’t mean they haven’t said it).

6. Many took pains in the intro they provided to Eli Pariser to tell us how many years they have been married to their first and only spouse, lol.

7. I don’t think Kucinich’s peace candidacy (i.e. no wars ever) will fly, although I would love to have that.

8. I would give Edwards the edge.

Anonymous said...

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