Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bush is a Coward

If you have any doubts about the veracity of my claims vis-a-vis president Bush read the reprinted Dan Guthrie article at the blog, Dept. of Homeland Conspiracy, "You are Still a Coward, Mr. Bush" And a little something from Digby's Hullabaloo:
A Moment

Suzanne Malveaux of CNN just compared President Bush’s appearance today at Virginia Tech to his famous “bullhorn moment” where he allegedly brought the country together after 9/11.

John, you may recall that what was called the “bull horn moment” when the president shortly after 9/11 stood on that pile of rubble and called out and really united the country at that moment, firefighters and others who recognized that that was a very significant moment for the country. This is again one of those moments Don, where a lot of people are looking at this wondering, you know this could have been my son or daughter…

Ugh. The bullhorn scene was not a “healing moment” in tragedy. It was a war cry, a far different thing. It did not bring the country together — virtually the entire world was united after 9/11. Within months Bush’s policies, especially the preposterous invasion of Iraq, began to tear the country apart and made us loathed throughout much of the world. God, I hope this isn’t one of “those moments” because his track record is just terrible.

I think it’s appropriate for the president to appear there today, it’s in nearby Virginia, and it’s a national tragedy. But the only slightly political dimension you can find in this is guns, which have been taken off the table as a political issue, (although gun owners have achieved their agenda so thoroughly that they now seem to be lobbying to actually require people to be armed at all times and shoot first and ask questions later.) I suppose that there will undoubtedly be some immigrant bashing too.

But from what we know now, we seem to be dealing with a crazy man and there’s nothing the president can say about that or do about that other than speak for the people as its leader and express our sorrow. For Malveaux to evoke Bush’s famous bullhorn moment is fluffing of the highest order. (She seems to have developed some sort of Stockholm Syndrome lately, so it’s not surprising.) But it would behoove the White House to keep a low profile on this and not encourage such talk. The country has had quite enough of the Bush administration trying to raise its approval rating on the backs of dead people.
H/T to Lotus for the Digby.


Anonymous said...

And just how many military funerals has El Presidente attended in the past year? How many memorial services in the past 5? Guess these innocent deaths mean more, eh? Tsk Tsk Tsk. Shame on you Bush. Shame on us.

"But from what we know now, we seem to be dealing with a crazy man..." and that would be 43?

op99 said...

I seem to remember la Malveux being more confrontational towards Bush when she worked at NBC. Since she moved to CNN, she's really sold out completely.

op99 said...

BTW, here's the permalink to the Digby - yours goes to home.


Pandabonium said...

Death and destruction are background for photo ops for W. It is hard to fathom why he is still in the office.
Are we that evil that we allow it?

He mentioned the 2nd amendment. Of course, he and the NRA only talk about the last half and never mention the first which is "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State" - in other words, a State Militia; the National Guard. That's the same National Guard which has difficulty these days responding to domestic emergencies (Katrina) because they are short on personnel and equipment - BECAUSE W HAS THEM FIGHTING HIS OIL WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST!

Sorry to shout, but it's enough to make me choke.

Psychomikeo said...

Hey Thanx!!!