Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Berkeley Grandma-Blogger Embeds with Military in Iraq

Wow! Jane Stillwater, Berkeley, CA resident and lefty-blogger, has gone to Iraq at her own expense, begged to be embedded with US soldiers, and blogs from the war-zone. Check out the Times of London article (Where's the San Francisco Chronicle on this?) and read Jane's blog, live from Bagdad. Californian's in action against the war in Iraq. Yea! Go Jane!
I'd ask the insurgents, "if the US troops do leave, will you actually be able to form an efficient and safe and organized government? Or are you guys the type who only understands violence, can only 'swift-boat' people and are at a complete loss when it comes to actually creating and building new stuff?" Well, if the insurgents ARE like that, then they need to give up their fixation with Iraq and come over to Washington DC where that kind of stuff is very popular. They'd fit right in.
NPR interviewed the the bold blogger from Berkeley. Give it a listen.

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