Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Dixie Chicks Rock

We just watched The Dixie Chicks documentary "Shut Up and Sing". I highly recommend it. The Chicks are so brave. The documentary tells the story of their meteoric rise and the fall from grace that occurred after Natalie's statement in London. Get the DVD or watch it on cable, but definitely watch it. Five Stars. Video of the Chicks Grammy winning song, Not Ready To Make Nice


tom said...

Yeah, it really had to piss the Bushites off when they won all those Grammys too!

Anonymous said...

They are brilliant, courageous, and beautiful AMERICANS, and I dont care about their music because I support their FREE SPEECH, and I just love them and will go out and buy their CD right now. The fact that they were threatened that they would be "shot dead" for what they said only proves that there is a TALIBAN AMONG US which seeks to SURPRESS FREEDOM, and I say to the Dixie Chicks the I LOVE YOU GUYS !!! and GOD BLESS YOU !!!