Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In other words

Comedian Kathleen Madigan does a bit about Dubya's use of "in other words." In fact she named her last stage show that very phrase, "In Other Words."

"I love it when he explains stuff to us the way they explained it to him. He does it a lot when he's 'free-speaking' and you can always tell when one's comin' 'cause he says, "in other words," but it's usually about stuff that didn't need 'other words' except earlier in the day, it did..." Her example while doing her best Dubya impression:"Osama bin Laden's on the run, still hidin' in a cave people...in other words, the man's jis' playin' peek-a-boo"
The Carpetbagger has a great piece up about most recent Junior's use of the phrase.
In other words, read it.

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