Friday, April 13, 2007

It's a Youth Thing

A message from some young friends that just started a new blog:
As the 2008 elections approach, which means the end of the Bush era, a new era will began. A new era complete with voices of reason and change. The youth vote will be a big part of that change.

We are announcing the creation of a new revolutionary community of liberal/progressive young adult bloggers! (YOUTH THINK LEFT) will deal with political issues and information written in a blog article format or through original videos delivered in an online newsmagazine style blog and rss feeds.
We write about politics, and all articles are written by teens/young adults.
One of our writers is the popular Ava Lowery of Peace Takes Courage who recently appeared on CNN.

Please take a look, make a post about us, or add us to your blogroll!

Give Youth Think a look; they are our future.


Psychomikeo said...

End Of An Error

Daniel Solis said...

hey thanks for the post!