Thursday, March 01, 2007

Walter Reed General Loses His Command

My own OpEd response:ha ha
Headlines via Lotus:(thank you)

Walter Reed General Loses His Command
The Associated Press
Thursday, March 1, 2007; 2:01 PM
WASHINGTON — The Army said Thursday that the two-star general in charge of Walter Reed Army Medical Center has been relieved of command following disclosures about inadequate treatment of wounded soldiers.

Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman, who was commanding general of the North Atlantic Regional Medical Command as well as Walter Reed hospital, was relieved of command by Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey.

In a brief announcement, the Army said service leaders had “lost trust and confidence” in Weightman’s leadership abilities “to address needed solutions for soldier outpatient care” at Walter Reed.
Kiley needs to go too, but this is a start. -Lotus
The U.S. Army Public Affairs office said this:
Maj. Gen. Weightman was informed this morning that the senior Army leadership had lost trust and confidence in the commander's leadership abilities to address needed solutions for Soldier-outpatient care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The Commanding General of U.S. Army Medical Command, Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley, will be acting temporarily as the Walter Reed commander until a general officer is selected for this important leadership position.
I concur with Lotus, Kiley needs to go. He has spun this despicable treatment of soldiers right into the ground, he needs to pay for his purposeful inattention and breach of contract to the soldiers that have fulfilled their duties. As far as Maj.Gen. George Weightman, good riddance to bad garbage.


Eli said...

I'm pretty sure that all Kiley said to Weightman when he fired him was, "You shouldn't have got caught."

Kiley should absolutely go, but holding people accountable for the failures of their subordinates would set a dangerous precedent...

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Eli, the shit's been rolling downhill as long as there's been elevation. I can only hope getting all the bastards isn't a Sysiphisian endeavor.

op99 said...

I can only hope getting all the bastards isn't a Sysiphisian endeavor.

Yeah, look at all the Iran Contra bastards that have turned up again as members in good standing of the Cheney Administration.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

And yet Op, they've begun to fall like the tin-soldiers-in-god's-war-on-everyone-but-them.
I'm beginning to have the sense that the whole enchilada is gonna blow up in their collective faces.