Monday, March 26, 2007

Murdered Women, US Atty Firings--Same Kettle of Fish

Josh Marshall of TPM has attempted to answer the question for conservatives about why the US Attorney firings are such a big deal. As always he does a brilliant job, but one bit of his story stuck out for me:
For all the intensity and hostility awash in our politics, there are some lines we just assume aren't going to be crossed, lines that are so basic that the civil compact itself can't easily survive if they're not respected.
This quote from Josh's article is exactly why BushCo needs to go. They cover-up, lie, obfuscate, deny, spin, virtually everything to further their interests at the cost of our very safety and freedom.

I've been active on the story of LaVena Johnson of late because while her story has garnered a paltry amount of attention, it is precisely indicative of what has become deeply wrong with America under the Bush Regime: America no longer respects the most basic civilities at home or abroad. The civil compact is broken.

One very crucial aspect of that civil compact is upheld by soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors; they trust the president will never put them in harm's way without good reason. They will never be expected to breach the water's edge without cause. As we enter the fifth year of the Iraq war we know this is no longer true. The military knows this as well, so all bets are off. The US military are behaving like barbarians and it just fine with the White House.

This latest scandal with the AG is but a symptom of power-mad dictators gone wild. And when a young, female soldier is murdered in her tent and they call it "suicide" things can only get worse. Read Josh's post and then come back and sign the petition to get answers on LaVena Johnson's murder. I'll wait. I hope the country can too.

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Petition signed. Hillary will have to wait until tomorrow - I stumbled onto a good sale.