Friday, March 30, 2007

Walter Reed Photo Op

“Walter Reed is not a photo-op,”said Veterans for America’s Bobby Muller, in reference to President Bush’s visit today to the army medical center. He said Bush isn’t going to see areas of the hospital most in need of change. “Walter Reed is still broken. The DoD health care system is still broken. … Our troops need their commander in chief to start working harder for them.”
Except when it is...Think Progress story here.


cee said...

if ya wanna read a great opinion column on this go here:

i can't believe he finally goes but doesn't check out the problem


op99 said...

I wonder if Bush's patient contacts at were pre-screened, so he didn't have to face anyone who didn't think an illegal, ill-conceived war was worth his arm or leg, or his buddy's life.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Op...I would bet a thousand dollars that every person in the room was litmus tested for 'bushie-ness.' When he spoke at Ft. Benning a few months ago, the base commander ORDERED there be no expressions of disapproval from the troops. Notice his only "public" appearances are places he can either control who's in the crowd orthe military, whom he has power to ORDER to shut up. I doubt there has been a more despicable character on the American landscape than this president.