Friday, March 16, 2007

Say It Right

Music from Nelly Furtado


op99 said...

Hope, comments seem to be "off" on your last post - this goes with the "It Could HHappen Here" post.

Joe Conason is one of the most meticulous reporters in business - his (and Gene Lyons) Hunting of the President was phenomenal.

From the excerpt in Ministry o' Love:

...That is why Lewis’s darkly funny but grim fable of an authoritarian coup achieved through a democratic election still resonates today — along with all the eerie parallels between what he imagined then and what we live with now.

Whenever anybody draws a parallel between the Bush administration and Hitler, all you hear are jokes about Godwin's Law. But don't ever forget that Hitler rose to power through legitimate election, and proceeded to bully the legislature into perverting the laws of the land, just as Bush and the Republics do every chance they get.

Naj said...

lovely song. i enjoyed listening to this and reading your other posts.

Doesn't the impotence of the democrats make you want to live in an official dictatorship, so at leaast when you say "democrats and republicans are Israel's puppets" you will get publicity because they put you in prison?

We are FREE in speech; and our politicians are FREE to not listen/care!

Have a nice weekend my friend.