Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Soldier Stupidity, Cruelty

A shocking story from a soldier who insists, "I miss my war." Margaret Kimberley at The Smirking Chimp explains:
When I got up this morning I had never heard of Brian Mockenhaupt. I was better off that way. He is a pathetic loser and a sadistic SOB. He is also a stereotypical red blooded American man.


op99 said...

Why does Margaret Kimberly hate America? She should Support The Troops (TM).


Michelle Wells said...

maybe you should read some of his other storiea in Esquire on of which is about my husband Staff Sgt Brian Wells (now retired due to injuries) he was witness to events which changed our lives and fellow soldiers forever. No one else could have told our story better. Also the one of a triple amputees look one life after serving and almost dying or the one about a familys continuing hope after two years their son will return home after being MIA in Iraq. You people need to read it again they don't miss killing they miss feeling as though they have a purpose. My husband felt proud and would do anything to do his job again. He hated being at war, being away from fasmily for a year being in 130 degree weather, watching his children grow through photos but as he says in the article he misses the men, the action, not killing. When asked by idots who watch too many movies on return from a deployment if he killed a bunch of those bastards ... he would never answer he was never proud of that. He would reply its not like the movies. There were always photos with kids orhim feeding stray dogs but there were also stories id over hear guys tell of young kids throwing grenades and ieds in pop cans and having to not always be trusting. Imagine being shot at everyday for 12 to 15 months. They did't choose this war they were ordered but they do it because they made an oath and they don't back down and they have to survive to come home. Its hard to adjust when you return home 1 out of 3 have post truamatic stress syndrom. Many feel empty but trust me it's not because they want to take a gun and start blasting inoccent people. Get Real!! Please read his other work and open your minds before you past judgement! h and I'm canadian and a very peace loving person but i still respect what these servicemembers go through everyday!!