Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Paul Krugman Gets It

Yesterday's Paul Krugman editorial, "Valor and Squalor"
Yet even now it’s not clear whether the public will be told the full story, which is that the horrors of Walter Reed’s outpatient unit are no aberration. For all its cries of “support the troops,” the Bush administration has treated veterans’ medical care the same way it treats everything else: nickel-and-diming the needy, protecting the incompetent and privatizing everything it can.
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op99 said...

Bushco has been able to stonewall criticism on each individual scandal, I think because of the sheer volume of different. Krugman has started to frame and relate the various atrocities as examples with the same root cause: privatization as a form of patronage. It would be great to see that meme catch on in the rest of the commercial media. Then maybe that important one thing could be the "Big Story of the Day," even though there is no sex or diapers.