Friday, March 09, 2007

Take These Three--Please

It's about time someone wrote a scathing, taken-to-task, bad job review of Kevin Kiley's performance as surgeon general and commander of medcom. Kiley ceased being a 'real doctor' ages ago and began performing tricks for treats in this administration in order to further his career, forgetting not only common decency but his Hippocratic oath. And lapdog Jim Nicholson,Veterans' Affairs secretary, a veteran who has institutionalized sub-standard care for veterans and then lies about it. Jimmy Boy gets what's coming to him as well. Pat Lang at Sic Semper Tyrannis, gives Kiley and Nicholson the scolding they so richly deserve and recommends a UCMJ cure for Kiley; Nicholson will just have to resign.

What next can we expect from this administration, a Gay porn-star, right-wing Marine? Oh wait, already done.[Caution:link includes pornographic images]These people bring a whole, new level of meaning to the word 'hypocrisy,' and "Dirty Sanchez." Someone may have to invent a new word for this bunch and I need a shower.

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