Saturday, March 31, 2007

Aide Details Loss of Faith in the President

"Huge, Brass Balls" image courtesy of ARPA

You really gotta hand it to the "Bushies." Half a trillion dollars in spending on a war we never had to fight, 3,246 military-dead, record profits for Bush-connected corporations, scandals galore, a laundry list of examples of egregious behavior and finally, finally one of them comes around to reality. Some people's kids. While 70% of the country is sure they've loss confidence in the chimp-in-charge, the 'inner circle' still just doesn't get it--BushCo is bankrupt--morally, ethically and otherwise. New York Times delivers the article, Aide Details Loss of Faith in the President.
He criticized the president as failing to call the nation to a shared sense of sacrifice at a time of war, failing to reach across the political divide to build consensus and ignoring the will of the people on Iraq. He said he believed the president had not moved aggressively enough to hold anyone accountable for the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and that Mr. Bush still approached governing with a “my way or the highway” mentality reinforced by a shrinking circle of trusted aides.

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op99 said...

Color me unimpressed. Basically this guy is an f-ing idiot who is not smart enough to suss out the policies of the candidate he supports.

“I think we should design campaigns that appeal not to 51 percent of the people,” he said, “but bring the country together as a whole.”

He said that he still believed campaigns must do what it takes to win, but that he was never comfortable with the most hard-charging tactics. He is now calling for “gentleness” in politics. He said that while he tried to keep his own conduct respectful during political combat, he wanted to “do my part in fixing fissures that I may have been part of.”

So I guess in addition to Obama, whom he mentions in the article, Dowd would also be fit to shill for Joe Lieberman. I suppose it's not Obama's fault that Dowd likes him, but I sure wouldn't covet his endorsement.