Friday, January 26, 2007

Ain't This A Bitch?

Two Year Old Boy Loses Father In War; Mother Scheduled To Return To Active Duty

I found this over at Steve Gillard's new place.
It's hard to keep up, but I trust that that which I need to pass along will appear as it is needed. I know virtually everyone that reads here are already 'part of the choir' but very few have or know people that are in Iraq or scheduled to go to Iraq. I am in the one percent of the American people "sacrificing" for this illegal, immoral quagmire. My loved one is going. Not today, but soon enough to be of concern. Read this story and then think about how every little bit of support for ending the war, any energy put forth toward ending this fiasco counts. Read it then do something, anything to add your voice to the public outcry. Please do something, we that sacrifice are counting on you.


MarcLord said...

Maybe the military will adjust its minimum enlistment age down to 2, so the baby can be with his mom and bravely serve his country.

This is sick stuff. Some duty officers better to the right thing here or they'll get their chestnuts roasted in the PR oven.

Pandabonium said...

I remember "hell no, we won't go". Time for that. Time to say no, or leave, or whatever. There is no honor in "serving" these bastards.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

No kidding. The most honorable thing the US military can do is redeploy to the borders and stop the influx of outside agitators and let the Iraqis figure out for themselves what they want for their country.

naj said...

I am Iranian.

I watch PBS.

At the end of Jim Lehrer's news hours, when he plays the picture of dead Amrican soldiers, I cry. My husband does too.

We cry for the beauty of the youth who is resting in a cold coffin ... and the unjust cause for which he is sent to war. We, all the so-called oppressed people of the Middle East, know deep down, that the soldier didn't/doesn't need to die for us, to make us free. And we know that the Bush is not in Iraq to bring freedom to people. We all know that Saddam was no threat to the US, we know that Iran's nuclear program will not even in a 100 year creat any threat to anyone in the world, and we also know that Iran, China, India, Pakistan, will not have developed nuclear weapons, if that was not the only way to get attention, and to get respect at the economic bargaining table.

But we also cry because someday, we fear, the young beautiful American soldier, will stand in front of our young beautiful brother; and they will battle eachother in the name of soldierly honor, in the name of noble pride, and they will aim at eachother, and one will end up dead. The American will kill my brother, thinking he is killing a future threat to his freedom. My brother will kill the American in defense of his pride, his freedom. And hatred will be planted in my heart, and perhaps in yours ...

The Iranians are saying we don't want war. The Americans are saying we are tired of war. the Iranians are extending a hand. Bush and Cheney refuse. But Bush and Cheney don't fail to provoke the angry dog (i.e. the Iranian regime), that the people of Iran have been (and still are) working so hard to tame.

And when the dog barks, they will kick it; or kill it; and no one will ever blame them for having provoked the dog in the first place.