Monday, January 29, 2007

Stop the Escalation

Vote Vets has a new ad out. Don't forget that your voice joined with mine and others is what turned the tide in Vietnam and will be the thing ultimately that makes the powers that be end this occupation.
Contact Congress.

H/T to Mary for the link.


Pandabonium said...

I agree with the sentiment. But I am afraid I don't think it was resistance at home that ended the American war on Vietnam (Southeast Asia). Rather, it was being defeated -not in a simplistic military sense, but in a political one in terms of the outcome. The US was defeated by oh, '69 or '70.

The goal in Iraq/Middle East is to maintain a controlling presence over the last great reserves of oil on the planet. To secure them for the use of the USA and/or deny them to others. Peace and democracy are not in the picture, in fact, they are anathema.

Today is different from 40 years ago. The government has grabbed vastly more power and the illegal regime that runs the USA has been operating outside the Constitution since it took power. It will stop at nothing, even should the gutless corporate whores called "Congress" decide to grow a spine.

They know that Americans - even those that hate Bush, hate war, and love and cherish the principles that the country was founded upon, will, for the most part, allow a certain level of horror to take place in their name in order to avoid giving up their way of life - a life of consuming the resources of the rest of the world. In their darkest heart of hearts, even many liberal Americans would agree with Cheney that their way of life is "non -negotiable".

Until Americans are willing to "sacrifice" suburbia, fast food, wasteful vehicles and commutes, huge homes, etc. etc. this war for global resources will not end.

I don't think enough people in the anti-war movement have connected those dots....or care to.

That is one of the reasons I left the USA and no longer pay taxes to that government (legally).

Pandabonium said...

I did not mean to imply that one should not write and call Congress and demonstrate and anything else you can think of. I just wanted to clarify the issue a bit.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Panda I agree with all your points. This is a different, uglier world in many ways. The clamoring for resources will only get worse as peak oil is realized. The point of the ad and my plea in the post is to stir the emotins of the sleeping beast of the American public. While everything you say is true, if we can't break it down into digestible chucks of information, I think people end up feeling powerless and do nothing.
It's easy to get overwhelmed by the horrors being done in "our name" but I need to work to change what is right in front of me. I ask here for help.

Pandabonium said...

Sorry. You're right. It just gets frustrating to see how slowly things moving.