Sunday, January 07, 2007

KIng George

NYT editorial today: The Imperial Presidency 2.0
"In 2006, the voters sent Mr. Bush a powerful message that it was time to rein in his imperial ambitions. But we have yet to see any sign that Mr. Bush understands that — or even realizes that the Democrats are now in control of the Congress. Indeed, he seems to have interpreted his party’s drubbing as a mandate to keep pursuing his fantasy of victory in Iraq and to press ahead undaunted with his assault on civil liberties and the judicial system."


Anne said...

When the SOTU is on at my house, my husband (the Republican) and I watch in separate rooms, so that my muttering and eye-rolling, and huffing and puffing and “Are You F’ing Kidding Me”s don’t get in the way. I guess we will have a warm-up this week, as the Man Who Thinks He is King makes a speech about the New Way Up Our Asses he is proposing.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Laughing out loud...Thank you anne.

op99 said...

The only thing that will keep me awake during the SOTU would be glee, if the Dems sit on their hands during Republican applause lines.