Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Occupy Bagram

So yet again another absence from the blog which has kinda morphed into facebook--but I digress. The "Occupy" movement is getting much press and there may be some long term effects to come from it but I was sad to see tonight the violence erupting now globally, from protest movements worldwide. Tonight, Philadelphia and Los Angeles have the feeling of a 'police state' with militarized police forces more than willing to get violent with people exercising their first amendment rights. What caught my interest most was a blog post I read in response to the now infamous, "Occupy Bagram" photo which shows a small group of armed soldiers giving their estimation of the OWS crowd.
What got my attention initially was a doctored "Occupy Bagram" pic:
The above photo ultimately landed me at a USAF pilot's blog, "Pick Your Battles" and his response to the original. The comments to his post are worth reading. As some of you who read here know, my gal-pal is deployed in the 'Stan now and frankly, I wish the soldiers in the pic were less concerned about the politics back home and more engaged with supporting their mission. Really what I want is for US forces to be out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Okay, really, I'm studying now.

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