Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Letter from Joe

Auguste Rodin's Call to Arms

Joe Trippi, political pundit and senior advisor to John Edwards, has issued a call to arms.
It's time for hundreds of thousands and hopefully millions of Americans to act - and as a member of John Edwards One Corps, it's up to you to lead.

Congress has finally passed a binding plan to end the war. Bush is definitely going to veto. What Congress does next is up to us.

So here's what I'm asking. First, if you haven't already signed our petition calling on Congress to stand up to Bush and stick to the plan, please sign it immediately:

Sign the petition

Next, make a commitment to getting 3 friends - just three - to sign on with you. First forward this note, or write your own note and add the link. And then follow up - call them, stop by their cubicle at work - whatever it takes to get their attention.

Why is this petition so important?

Congress is about to enter a world of pain from the Bush administration's spin machine. They'll be called cowards, defeatists, and blamed at every turn for Bush's decision to de-fund the troops.

We've got to raise our voice louder than all of that - showing Congress that the American people see through the spin and we are all counting on them to stick to their plan.

We may not get another chance like this. It's time to act.


Joe Trippi
Senior Advisor
John Edwards for President

P.S. I'm new to the campaign, and I want to talk more to you about why I'm here and the difference we can make together. But right now we're in an emergency situation and we've got to leap straight into action.
Do it. Sign the petition or call your rep. today.

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