Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Calling Madam Speaker

PLEASE CALL Nancy Pelosi’s office right now. Here’s the deal as forwarded to me:

House Speaker Pelosi’s office is taking calls voting
for Impeachment of Bush/Cheney at 202-225-0100.

Folks, each of you who have been wanting Impeachment,
need to commit right now to ask at least 10 others to
call and ask each person to commit to asking 10 others
to call and so on. It needs to happen fast and NOW.
Let’s BLITZKREIG the Speaker’s office with demands for
Impeachment of Bush AND Cheney.

Please make a call, and thanks so very much.

(800)828 - 0498
(800)459 - 1887
(800)614 - 2803
(866)340 - 9281
(866)338 - 1015
(877)851 - 6437

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