Monday, November 12, 2007

VETERANS DAY 2007 -- "Thank you for your service."

Today should be a day of celebration and honor for those that have served, made sacrifices for their country. Instead I'm reminded of the inhumane demands made upon our military without proper rest or follow-up care once tours end, and the callous treatment by the current administration who put our military in harm's way. I cannot help but cringe when I acknowledge the fight war-injured veterans have in front of them for the benefits they were promised.
"Caring for a dead veteran is easy...bring a wreath, say a few
words and walk away. Caring for a living veteran requires
time, money and a life-long commitment. Every Veterans
Day our politicians show they don't know the difference
as they visit a cemetery instead of a VA hospital."

The poor treatment of our soldiers and veterans is shocking. VA Watchdog has story after story of mistreatment by the very government we serve. Today, read at least one story. Let it move you to action. If you "support the troops" actually do something today to show that support. Visit a VA, send an email to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, call your rep. ask them to support the current legislation to provide for Vets.
DAV REFUTES ADMINISTRATION'S CLAIM OF JUST 30,000 WOUNDED IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN -- "That 30,000 number is a fantasy...202,000 have filed claims for VA disability...A quarter million have turned to the VA for treatment...Our government tried to do war on the cheap..."
DEMS FAIL AT PROMISE OF VA BUDGET BY VETERANS DAY --Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO): "These are the men and women we will honor on Monday Veterans Day, with parades and accolades. But thanks to Democrats in Congress, we won't be honoring them with the spending bill they deserve."
Just as an aside, having Dick Cheney, the five-time differed chickenhawk give the invocation yesterday makes irony shake its head in disbelief. Do something for a veteran, indict Dick Cheney. Or as better said in the comments, send Dick the message he has sent us Veterans, "Fuck You for your service."


al-Scooter said...

The way Iraq vets are being treated, the real message seems to be "F**k you for your service!"

Until we have an administration that lives up to its responsibilities, vets groups and private citizens can help pick up a little of the slack.

Clicking on my name should take you to the DAV homepage for more info and an opportunity to donate, but there are other fine organizations as well.

To fellow veterans and to those on active duty, please accept my continuing respect and admiration today and every day.

op99 said...

Hope, thanks to you and Dr Turtle, and to all veterans and active duty military for their service.

The Bush administration is trying to get to an all-mercenary situation as quickly as possible. and then then they can say, "F**k you for your service" with electoral impunity, because a contracted out military equals no social service-needing veterans. I'll bet that's in the calculus.

leslie in ca said...

What al-scooter and op99 said. Thanks to all who serve and have served, and may they receive better treatment from their government.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Thank you al-scooter, Op, and Leslie for your links/comments. I reiterate what scooter said: "Until we have an administration that lives up to its responsibilities, vets groups and private citizens can help pick up a little of the slack." That is exactly right, we must step up and fill the many holes BushCo has created. Our veterans deserve our support, and readers, thank you for yours, it is unmeasurably appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Great, but sad and depressing, post.

Thank you and yours for your service and sacrifice, past, present and future.


HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Oh and Op, you can so say "fuck" here.

MarcLord said...


It is verb, noun, adjective, adverb, and acronym. It is the first word, it is the last word. How could we live without it? =)

Anonymous said...

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