Monday, November 12, 2007

The 23,000

Thanks go out to the ever-excellent Lotus at folo for her link to this story about the 23,000 women service members serving in Iraq from The Anchorage Daily News.
The death in Iraq this week of Staff Sgt. Carletta S. Davis of Anchorage vividly demonstrates the evolving role of women in the U.S. military. As one of about 23,000 women deployed to Iraq with U.S. and coalition forces, Davis was the 85th woman to die there when a roadside bomb exploded near her Humvee.


MarcLord said...

(answer to your comment on my post, and I bear good news: Watada won his appeal. Thank you, Hope, for your service!)

Yes, one word does it for G-man.

Sorry to hear the bad day, Hope. Glad Dr. Turtle was around to save a Marine (time does heal most wounds, hope s/he makes it that far).

My biz partner asked me yesterday, "Whatever happened to Veteran's Day?" And he and I really started to look for the answer, googling, wiki'ing, thinking...I remember the parades in my little Gremlins-town when I was a kid. When did they stop the parades, I asked.

Turns out my partner is personal friends with the head of the Wisconsin state Veteran's Administration. He called him up and popped the question. Here's the answer he got: the parades pretty much stopped with the Vietnam War. And Wisconsin (is the only state which) doesn't recognize Veteran's Day as a Federal holiday.

But here's a little piece of better news: Lt. Ehren Watada won his case. The fed judge was a Clinton appointee:

On Thursday, November 8, Hon. Benjamin Settle, a federal court judge, issued a preliminary injunction halting any further court-martial proceedings of 1st Lt. Ehren Watada and effectively ruling against the Army on virtually every issue in the case. This injunction not only extends the stay until the conclusion of the habeas corpus proceedings, but also addresses the specific request for relief from further legal proceedings, stating, "the remedy sought by Petitioner, while rare, is appropriate."

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

What good news Marc!! Thanks for the Watada update. As far as Veteran's Day falling by the wayside, it is par for the course. People don't really want to know what's happening to our military and it's veterans nor do they care much. I'm blessed to be surrounded literally and figurativly, by people that have similar values, otherwise I'd sink into a morass of despair. Thanks for being one of the figures.