Monday, September 10, 2007

You Have No Rights

TruthDig hosts an interview with Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive and author of “You Have No Rights,” explains how our president became a “medieval king,” and why your civil liberties are in greater danger than ever.
Rothschild: What Fourth Amendment rights to privacy do we have if the NSA, the National Security Agency, can spy on us without a warrant when the law says they need to have a warrant to spy on us? What First Amendment rights do we have to protest if we can’t protest in front of the president or the vice president, but if we have to go to some free-speech zone a half-mile or a mile or a mile and a half away where they can’t even see us?
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op99 said...

Here is another right being eroded - the establishment clause in the first amendment. In this case (about a snap of Jeebus being displayed in a courthouse), the ACLU settled a case they should have persisted on because they fear the composition ot the Fifth Circuit and the Supreme Court. According to commenter Peter Irons:

I just had a long phone talk with Vincent Booth, the ACLU cooperating attorney who handled the Slidell case. To make it short, he told me they agreed to let the "expanded" display (with Mohammad and Charlemagne, etc.) stay up because he thought that was the best they could get, and didn't want to take it to the Fifth Circuit or the Supreme Court. So they're declaring victory and will get attorney fees. Half a loaf, right?

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Thanks for that Op...they just constantly keep moving the line.