Monday, September 24, 2007

A Kind of Gloom

has begun to settle into my consciousness not unlike the early morning autumn chilliness. As each day becomes shorter, the likelihood of BushCo getting away with murder waxes profoundly. I listened to The Best of the Left podcast this weekend which produced an excellent round-up of the left's commentary on the Betray-us "report". The soundbites range from pointing out the obvious misdirection of the success of the "surge" to the daunting concept that we may be in Iraq for decades. While not good news, it correctly reframes all the bush shit arguments about the false flag mission of the Bush crime family. From Mike Malloy:
"It's about time for us to face a very hard truth, We are not going to pull out of Iraq. It's not going to happen this year or next year,or probably not even five years from now. This is a permanent situation."
Give it a listen.

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Zena said...

I can't believe that. And I'm hoping that will not be true.