Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Birthday USAF

Being an Air force Veteran myself and being married to an active duty USAF member, I have to wish the USAF a happy 60th anniversary. For nostagia's sake, an old picture of my crew from my days on the flight line. Life not during wartime. I miss those times.


Pandabonium said...

I'll drink to that. My uncle had long Air Force career and retired a full colonel. My brother in law was B-52 pilot. I see an F-4 in the background of that picture. I had a friend from college who flew them for the Navy in 1971, while I changed my mind at the last moment at the LA recruiting office.

K-just walked in and asked what I doing looking at pictures of guys with their shirts off!

The JASDF still flies those (a reconnaissance version, RF-4) but they'll be replaced soon. We saw some close up and showing off in the air a week ago at an airshow at nearby Hyakuri Air Base. Those engines are so loud...

Thank you both for your service. To be honest, I'd never suggest joining the military to anyone anymore - not until we get control of the government back in the hands of sane people.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Good eye Panda. Yep F-4 TDY to Zaragosa, Spain circa 1981.

My Grandpa is a Pearl Harbor survivor, my mother retired Navy, my father was USAF in Korea, my uncles were I Vietnam, and I too cannot recommend the military until it moves away from the corruption and bad behavior so fostered by the bush regime. My husband went in pre-9/11 but is committed until his "payback" is complete.

It breaks my heart to see the right-wing, war-mongering, ass-kissers have more influence than ever before. It may take a generation or more for the military to correct this terrible trajectory.

op99 said...

Happy Birfday, USAF. My dad flew B-29s in Okinawa at the end of WWII in the Army Air Corps, the precursor of the Air Force.

He was so proud of his military service - I wonder what he would think about the schmuck commander in chief we have now.

Anonymous said...

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