Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why We Fight (and why I hate the Bush Administration)

An incredible, must-see documentary by Eugene Jarecki. I saw Why We Fight, last year on HBO. Now the BBC has released it and YouTuber Eurasure has put it up. This documentary on the commerce of war, how the military industrial complex profits from war, and how it must continually create wars to continue the growth of its business, relevance and outrageous expenditure of public money. Required viewing for ALL Americans. Each part is about 20 minutes. Keep in mind while you watch, the same arguments for invading Iraq are being trotted out again to preemptively bomb Iran.

This documentary is stirring, poignant, prescient and right-on-target current in its message and content. Please watch it. Send it to others. Send it to your congressperson and senators. Please. We must stand together NOW.

I have posted this film previously and written related posts. If you have time, take a look at the past posts and the comments. There's still time if we join together against this fascist bush regime.

Graphic courtesy of Old American


Anonymous said...

Well, Hope, I just finished watching the film. I wish I could say that I saw something new, or that I somehow felt fired up by the end of it, but mostly I feel so sad. At least Karen K at the end said something hopeful. She didn't rule out that people could say no. So much of the rest of it seemed to be an expression of an inevitabilty that is exhausting to consider.

Thanks for bringing this back to my attention. I wish I had a better sense that our voices could be heard or make some difference. Mostly I just don't know what to do.


Anonymous said...

Makes me sad too, but I'm thankful that you posted these. Sharing information is the best thing we can do, as ungratifying as that may be at times.

Water dripping on a stone will wear a hole through it in time.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

I used the same analogy today Isis..thank you.

Naj said...

Hi Hope, I thought you may like to watch this one too

Naj said...

sorry, here!

Naj said...

Just had a chance to watch this ...
very true. When "we" say this, we are discarded as islamic fundamentalists. glad that white boys are speaking the same facts.

That said, it is not only Bush that live on militarist objectives. The entire American economy feeds from it. And "freedom" is the cheapest currency that can buy this objective.

This won't last too long. At some point, the entire world will radicalize against US militarism. Unless Americans yell loud and clear: NOT IN OUR NAME!

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

I agree Naj. NOT IN OUR NAME