Monday, September 17, 2007

Idiot America

Scott Ritter's essay on the nail-bitingly slow lack of action by congress on the Iraq occupation:
The ongoing hand-wringing in Congress by the newly empowered Democrats over what to do about the war in Iraq speaks volumes about the level of concern (or lack thereof) these “representatives of the people” have toward the men and women who honor us all by serving in the armed forces of the United States of America. The inability to reach consensus concerning the level of funding required or how to exercise effective oversight of the war, both constitutionally mandated responsibilities, is more a reflection of congressional cowardice and impotence than a byproduct of any heartfelt introspection over troop welfare and national security.
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op99 said...

Democratic legislators seem so idealistic and kick-ass when they first run against an entrenched incumbent. Once they win, it seems that for most of them, the race for campaign contributions to hold their seat takes precedence over whatever motivated them to seek the seat in the first place.