Monday, December 18, 2006

War and Peace

Legendary historian and peace activist Howard Zinn gives an address at University of Wisconsin, Madison detailing the need for war to be viewed through the lens of history in order to understand it's horrors contextually. Moving commentary, Amy Goodman has it.


op99 said...

The following are Post WWII invasions by the United States without a declaration of war by the US Congress. (Equals every armed conflict, not including covert actions)

1965 Dominican Republic by United States and OAS
1983 Grenada by the United States and "allied Caribbean nations"
1989 Panama by the United States
1991 Kuwait by a coalition force of 34 nations led by the United States
1994 Haiti by a multinational force (MNF) led by the United States
2001 Afghanistan by the United States and allies
2003 Iraq by a coalition led by the United States

Perhaps We the People need to demand of our elected representatives that they reclaim this right - no, duty - that the Congress has unconstitutionally ceded to the President.

HillCountryGal said...

I still believe if men could give birth, wars would cease. Forever.

op99 said...

Forgot one:

1950 North Korea by United Nations and South Korea

Anne said...

This administration's position on everything war-related seems to be that the Commander-in-Chief has the sole authority and is not required to seek the approval of Congress; that there have been so many armed conflicts that have not been authorized by Congress has not helped in the argument that the president should have that approval.

We know how these people work - Congress could be unanimous in demanding that the Constitution mandates that the president seek Congressional authorization for a declaration of war or an armed invasion, and the President would just get his minions to opine just the opposite.

They do what they want to do, Congress bleats ineffectively, and then stands by while the administration proceeds as planned.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Well done Op...Thank you so much for your consistant input of relevant facts, I appreciate it more than I can say.

op99 said...

Not strictly factual, Hope - just Wikipedia, lol.

Broadway Carl said...

Thanks for bring this to my attention! Amazing reading and even better when you listen to him speak.