Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Penny For Your Thoughts

I love the "person-on-the-street" interviews. They have a spontaeneous quality that allows comparison of ideas with others outside your personal sphere of influence. These interviews are from the SF Gate. They asked people if they had any new ideas about what to do in Iraq. If nothing else their answers are creative and thoughtful. Read it here. And please toss your .02 cents into the comment section.
[Hat Tip to Meta for the link]


shoephone said...

I liked Amelia Marshall's answer (from the Dec. 3 link). It had the added value of being both humorous and accurate in its execution. No pun intended.

Eli said...

I vote for the first suggestion.

op99 said...

Chris Lopez, San Francisco:
We should ask for a general election to let the Iraqis determine whether we stay or totally go. But we should remove some troops regardless.

Ms. Lopez accidentally hits on a fundamental problem with the way our Iraq occupation is portrayed by Bushco - that we serve there at the pleasure of a duly consituted Iraqi government, and we would leave if the Iraqi government asked us.

We never would, of course, because it's always been all about the permanent bases to keep our oil spiggot in the "open" position. Nevertheless, "why are our troops ordered by the Iraqis?" would be a good frame for us cut-and-runners to plant.