Thursday, December 07, 2006

Guts and Glory-Not

With the "head fake study group" report now out, I look to another entry by guest poster Anne. I love her voice.

So, what we have here is a president who does not have a clue - not one fucking clue - about what to do, because “stay the course” isn’t working. He can’t just let things ride and wait for the victory, because victory isn’t going to happen. He thought all he needed was a goal - a democratic Iraq - and a military force, and we could all just sit back, stroll the malls spending money, and wait for the magic (we’ll forget for the moment that democracy had little to do with why we went to Iraq, but gosh, people just hate being reminded that there were no WMD).

He’s got this Head Fake Group, a bunch of oldies but moldies from his dad’s tenure in the White House, but they’re not being much help - they aren’t actually going to tell him what to do, they are just going to present him with ideas. Ideas are useless because they require him to make a move in one direction or another, and he’s paralyzed with fear.

He can’t bring himself to do anything that anyone with (D) after his or her name has suggested, because after years of likening us Democrats to terrorists, or terrorist-lovers, or people who only know how to cut and run, or who only know how to lose, how can he actually espouse a Democratic idea? Well, he could just take the idea and claim it was his own - they’ve done it before, but too many people know that all Bush has is a sack full of bumper stickers and they will know this time that he’s full of carp.

My guess is that he doesn’t really want to do anything, he’s tired of Iraq, it’s no fun anymore and someone is going to play on his boredom and we may end up sending missiles into Iran if we aren’t careful. Hey, look - over there - missiles in Iran!

Honestly, if the man had any balls, he and Dr. Evil and the rest of the cabal would resign en masse, and turn this over to people who might actually set themselves to the task of moving forward to get us the hell out of this quagmire. They could take all the rubber-stampers with them.

No balls, no guts, no glory.


A little extra added audio here from the Randi Rhodes Show. This is her interview with Dr. Justin Frank who wrote the book, "Bush on the Couch". He analyzes Chimpy's dysfunction and discusses why Poppy Bush broke down on the floor of the Florida House on Wednesday. A whole show is a good listen but the interview starts at 55:45.

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lotus said...

Yup, Anne nails another'n (oh so tidily, too). Thanks for sharing her with us, Hopey!

As to how many people know that "all Bush has is a sack full of bumper stickers" (great line!) -- oh, I'd bet that's approximately every person in the world within earshot of the news (give or take). And I bet most of them, whether they'd want to admit it or not, would recognize the ring of truth in Anne's theory on Chimpy's boredness too.

But I do have one small disagreement with her take. While some of the brighter bulbs among his bystanders (i.e., the Bakers, Scowcrofts, etc., in the House of Bush) may fear what comes next, somehow I doubt that Chimpy himself has enough depth to register things like that. Where he lives, there's prolly always "a pony in there."

God he'p us all.

SwimDeep AKA HopeSpringsATurtle said...

I think he is scared Lotus. He senses the loss of control and this time it looks like Poppy can't bail him out. I listened to an interview with some who routinely reads transcripts of Chimpy's comments. For work reasons, he need to view the video of the comments after the head fake report came out. He said his body language was that of a frightened person. If he's not afraid of what is next, he ought to be.

Anne said...

hey, lotus and hope - are we all feeling suitably crazed from the spin on the Head Fake Group? What a show, and the hits just keep on coming.

My sense of Bush is that when he's scared, he freezes, and he tries to frame it as some version of "staying the course," all the while hoping that someone will come to the rescue. And I do think there's a danger of him inventing a distraction so that he can turn his attention somewhere else and leave the mess he's afraid to deal with to others to take over.

We should never have elected a person whose history is littered with examples of running when things get messy - he has a lot of nerve accusing others of "cutting and running."

SwimDeep AKA HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Anne Says:
"We should never have elected a person whose history is littered with examples of running when things get messy - he has a lot of nerve accusing others of "cutting and running." "

Ummm...we didn't elect him. He got the presidency the same way he's gotten every other thing in his life--by cheating, stealing or on the 'legacy' of his family name.

Anne said...

Hope - I thought about my use of the term "elected," and figured that enough people did vote for him that it isn't that far off - even taking into account the problems in Florida and Ohio, it still means that millions of people chose to vote for someone who has spent much of his life making messes and counting on others to clean up.

op99 said...

Anne said fuck.

Nice post and comments, ladies.

lotus said...

Hi, op -- always nice to see you (even when you're tattling) -- heh!

Anonymous said...

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