Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Deep End

The president has been "off the deep end" for quite a while. When calling him by his diminutives like "Jr." and "little shrub" or my personal favorite "Chimpy", they are merely euphemisms for what I'd really like to call him: that bat-shit crazy- bastard-that-thinks-he-is-king and 2nd most dangerous person in the world.

Truth is whether you like George Bush or not he has a serious problem with reality.

NYT's Frank Rich has great article up about 'how very' this madman is:
"When news organizations, politicians and bloggers had their own civil war about the proper usage of that designation last week, it was highly instructive — but about America, not Iraq. The intensity of the squabble showed the corrosive effect the president’s subversion of language has had on our larger culture. Iraq arguably passed beyond civil war months ago into what might more accurately be termed ethnic cleansing or chaos. That we were fighting over “civil war” at this late date was a reminder that wittingly or not, we have all taken to following Mr. Bush’s lead in retreating from English as we once knew it.

It’s been a familiar pattern for the news media, politicians and the public alike in the Bush era. It took us far too long to acknowledge that the “abuses” at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere might be more accurately called torture. And that the “manipulation” of prewar intelligence might be more accurately called lying. Next up is “pullback,” the Iraq Study Group’s reported euphemism to stave off the word “retreat” (if not retreat itself)."
Read the entire post here. [h/t to RF for the link]


Eli said...

Surely our brave, resolute war president would never cut & pullback.

Anonymous said...

"that bat-shit crazy- bastard-that-thinks-he-is-king and 2nd most dangerous person in the world."
You got that right. Go ahead. Scream it in the headline. 'Cause it's the truth.

newtonusr said...

Bubba got a BJ, and Brownback/Santorum et al said, "But what about the children...".
What, indeed!