Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Truth Comes Out

The Iraq Study Group report has finally said something useful--the truth.

Not the 79 recommodations for how deal with the situation on the ground, most of which are what Democrats have been saying for the past year and more ( Barbara Lee (D-CA) has made some of these suggestions from day one). And not what common sense dictates. Buried in the this head-fake CYA, with almost no media reportage or scrutiny is the real reason we went to Iraq--The Oil.

I hadn’t heard this part of the head fake recommendations: Iraq’s national oil supply should be privatized as a commercial enterprise, turning it over to private, foreign, oil companies, all revenues should be centralized through the national government with an American advisor “to ensure a new oil policy is written and passed into Iraqi law”.


I’ve been wondering when the truth would come out. WE WENT THERE FOR THE OIL.

Anyone hear this yet?? Amy Goodman has the story.

Read it for yourself, "The Oil Sector" begins on page 83 of this piece of shit report. Iraq Study Group Report


op99 said...

Nice catch, HopeSAT. Of course WE all knew that, but finally everyone can see it in black and white. Or, they could if the media bothered to digest and report.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the primary reason was not oil - it was to re-establish the precedence of the Military Industrial Complex. Whether the war in Iraq is won or lost is insignificant. The mission has been accomplished.

SwimDeep AKA HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Dear Anonymous: Tell me more. I believe the MIC is a foremost goal as well. I think the oil is but a mechanism to enable additional funding and part of the power structure to attain world domination. I would be very interested to get your thoughts on the situation. Thanks for stopping by.

MarcLord said...

"Winning" in Iraq is not necessary, because being there IS winning. The people who live off the MIC are fed like corpse-rats, direct control of the oil is denied to Russia, China, and India, and this will in turn allow the existing oligarchy to control their rate of economic growth. Under this plan, and one might call it Reverse Domino, Iran is at bat, and the Caspian Sea is on deck.

Problem is the Plan was always audacious but highly unrealistic, and it's not working. So the mission won't be accomplished for long, and I think it's probably too late for revenue-sharing to work in Iraq. It was the obvious thing to start off with, but the Neocons were too greedy to share with the Iraqis.