Monday, December 11, 2006

Double Reverse

I think Uncle Jim Baker must have played football in college. The ISG (Iraqi Study Group) report is a good example of the 1 fake 15 weak double reverse football play. Not wanting to bore my readers with football strategy, this play is exactly what it sounds like, fake left and then double back to make the pass. Not to mention all the irony of the double entendre.

Not many in the MSM or blogosphere seems all that up in arms about the "recommendations" for Iraq oil policy as contained in the ISGR, but I am. I wrote on this topic Thursday., While upset but somewhat gratifyed that buried in the report(page 83), are the recommendations, that in a nutshell, Iraqi oil should be privatized and that an Americans should be the facilitators of the policy. The study was supposed to be about how to get us out of Iraq. The suggested exit timeline is first quarter of 2008, basically just enough time to ensure the "oil policy" is enacted. Talk Left has a good conversation about it in an open thread, give it a peek.


op99 said...

HopeSAT, Thanks for pursuing this important head fake. Our insatiable thirst for oil seems to be at the root of most of our foreign policy disgraces. The Bush administration has selected the absolute most brazen and immoral means of dealing with our addiction.

Anne said...

Hi, Hope - too bad the Study Group has turned into a foil for all the contradictory opinions that Bush is bringing to the table as a way of proving that he was right and Baker-Hamilton was wrong.

What's really sick is that Bush's failures and his intransigence are working very well for oil interests - you need look no further than the lack of any progress on alternative energy plans or proposals or policies.

When Halliburton and the other energy companies have more say that the American people, it is indeed a very sad and destructive time for the nation and for those whose blood has been shed in this disastrous war.

Anonymous said...

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