Monday, July 10, 2006

Welcome To The Blogosphere

Well that was fun...Just got off the phone with Mike Malloy at Air America. He is as gracious as he is brave. I have used this Blog to vent MY feelings and now with my husband gone in Iraq I have more time on my hands than I know what to do with.

I guess I should say something about that, the 'Iraq thing'. My guy is deployed for the second time doing CCAT (critical care air transport). I'm calmer this time than I was last year at his deployment. I worry most about his 'emotional well-being' and the stuff he doesn't express. He tends to keep things inside and it takes a team of mules to get it out of him, but thankfully I'm pretty mulish. I'm going to meet him in mid-August in Germany. I'll check in and let everyone knows how it goes.

I don't write much on here because I tend to vent most on firedoglake. I've found a great, supportive community there and wonderful access to new information I had no idea how to find.
I recommend to all seekers of truth to surf around the web and read, read, read. Find out what you aren't being told. And act on it.


paul j battaglia said...

Hi, I heard your call on Mike Malloy and I just wanted to say thank you to your husband for serving. He has a lot more guts than I would ever have. As for Loose Change, I wish every American who truly cares about this country and what happened that day would see it. Maybe seeing the real truth would shake a lot of people up and motivate them to stand up to what's happened here. Thanks to you, I started my own blog here. It's nothing to brag about but at least it gives me an outlet to express myself. Thanks again, take care.

Swim said...

Thank you Paul and I'm so glad you're blogging. Let me know where your blog is I'd love to check it out.

jeancreo said...

swim, i heard you on mike's show and liked what you said about courage and candor. i met mike once in person and he is an authentic person. i've taken a small step to start blogging. greg palast is also someone who makes meaning out of deep confusion. thanks to both paul and you for a good evening. as dylan thomas wrote "do not go gentle into that good night--rage, rage against the dying of the light."

tom lobello said...

9-11 was definitely an inside gov't job. It was engineered by the Bush crime family to trick the American people to go into war and to give up civil liberties and to work as slaves with no benefits or pay. Elections alone may not be enough to oust this crime syndicate. Force might be necessary to accomplish that, but let's give it one more chance in November 06.

tony said...

I ditto paul.

Anonymous said...

Heard your call on Mike Malloy. Thought I'd check out the blog.

Here's hoping your husband stays safe and healthy. My daughter is in the military as well and you are correct that there ARE military families who feel the way you do.

My best to you!

kimsterdemster said...

I heard you on Mike Malloy and want to thank you and your husband for your service to our country, I get some good 911 info on Democractic Underground dot com click on topic forums and then september 11.

Anonymous said...



Musclemouth said...

Deep Confusion: I too heard you on Malloy. I'm glad you stuck your neck out. I do it too at my blog; perhaps you'll find some useful info there. I've called in to Malloy before as well...I love the show because the whole operation feels genuine. He's never one to eschew emotion in favor of a purely "objective" and even-handed approach. What this world needs is more emotion, because it is the engine that keeps the brain going. What's the point of thinking if you don't FEEL a reason to do so? Anyway, as far as "watching your back" and whatnot, I wouldn't worry. Sure, a certain kind of caution is a good idea. But there are too many of us truth seekers out there; the NSA can't get to all of us. And if they do, it would be in the form of some kind of bureaucratic, "throwing-tacks-on-the-road" way. Yes, they do kidnap people, they do kill people, but the vast majority of Americans who realize that 9/11 was in inside job - well they can just be ridiculed in the mainstream press. There is no need for the NSA when you've got the corporate-owned media to simply brainwash people into submission. And that's exactly why I think caution is over-rated, and maybe even dangerous. We MUST stick our necks out. We must all increase the volume in chorus, as one, not necessarily because the power elite will change anything, but because we need to hear each other. We need to know that we are not alone. We need to reach out. People like you and I are banging the drum, and I pray for strength to beat that drum ever-louder, so that more and more people will transcend their own irrational fears and come out in strong support of the truth. It is reality that is under siege. We must never shrink from defending it. I'm here for you, and I'm here for all others who would step up to the plate time and time again to take a crack at these curveball pitchers in the mainstream media and the administration. I would echo the Dylan Thomas quote Jeancro cited. The poet said Rage. So we Rage.

Bob Wolfe said...

I just heard you on the Mike Malloy show. I listen delayed so I can fast forward over the commercials. Thank you for your blog and thank you and your husband for the fine but dangerous work that he does. Though I don’t support this war, as a veteran I do support the troops and only with them out of there.
I too have a mostly unread web-site. It’s at
Thanks again, Bob

MJW said...

I just listened to an archived version of the Mike Malloy show (at and heard your phone call. I thought I would say "hi," and welcome you to one of the last vestiges of the free world (while it is still exists).

I thought you might enjoy reading a recent entry of mine: An Amazing Coincidence.

You might also want to watch this film: What's the Truth? I rank parts of it right up there with "Loose Change." You may download a high-quality version at You'll see it listed near the top of the page.

Once again, welcome.

Dave Wakeman's Blog said...


I am just getting to Malloy's program from 7/10...keep going. We will take back control of our country. No matter what!

Anonymous said...

I heard you on air america and I couldn't agree with you more. I have been deployed to Iraq twice, and now I am going to Afghanistan, and so is my wife. So we have to leave our son with his grandparents.

This is such a corporate and criminal war that I can't believe it. I mean we are having to drop our child off to be taken care of for the next 18 months that its almost inconcievable.

I hope some sanity comes to this government. My wife and I are ready to serve our country but it's getting a bit ridiculous. And the multiple deployments are a drain on us as a family. Keep up the good work and hopefully we can get out of these places soon.

Swim said...


Thank you and your wife for your service. As you've heard my guy is on his 2nd tour now and My heart goes out to you both and you will be in my prayers.

I think its important for ALL ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY to speak truth to power and seek out others who share our feelings. Please do not put yourselves at risk, but do find others and bind together. They try to silence those of us who disagree with the criminal enterprise in DC when we speak up, but the mainstream media seems to listen, and the liberal blogosphere is here to get the story out when the MSM fail to do their jobs.

Godspeed and please check in with me around deployment as there are some communications and material support resources I can hook you up with while deployed. Again, Godspeed.

greyseal said...

I also heard you on Malloy. Good call and good blog. Thanks and godspeed to you and your husband and all the others who are serving.

I have a blog also I talk about progressive politics and culture as it relates to the Tampa Bay area, which is fairly "red" and backwards. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. Nobody ever discusses the war or the government. Everybody acts like everything is fine and normal and it's beginning to freak me right out.

AAR and the internet are my lifeline to sanity.

Anonymous said...

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